Why Use Raised Beds in Your Garden?

Why use raised beds in your garden? For one thing, they look really good! Besides how great they look, here are several other practical reasons to elevate your garden.

For those who don’t have a lot of land, raised beds work great in small spaces like patios and decks and, because you can plant more plants together than you can in the ground, you can really optimize those small spaces.

Planting in a raised bed helps you to control your soil content better, which will results in healthier, happier plants. This is great if the soil in your yard is unsuitable for what you are growing or you just want to add some amendments to make it healthier. The best part about using raised beds is that you can tailor the soil to whatever you are growing in each particular bed.

Since you can space plants closer together in a raised bed, weeds are less of a problem. Also, because the soil does not become compacted by people walking over it, pulling the weeds that do pop up is easier.

If you want to get an early start on the spring planting season, raised beds are the way to go. The soil in them warms up much earlier than elsewhere in your garden. In the winter, having your plants in beds makes it easier to protect them from the cold because you can easily attach covers to the beds.

Plants placed directly in the ground run the risk of being trampled underfoot by both humans and animals. Raised beds, especially taller ones, prevent anyone from walking over the plants.

Because you can plant more plants in a smaller space, your harvests will be more bountiful than if you had planted in the ground.

Raised beds can be built or bought that are waist-high, making gardening easier for people who have trouble bending down for long periods due to back pain or leg pain, or people in wheelchairs. A good example of this is the Gronomics Rustic Elevated Garden Bed, which sits at a comfortable 30″ high.

It’s easy to wrap netting or fencing around a raised bed in order to keep deer and other plant-munching animals out.

Recommended Products

Suncast 48 by 48 Cedar Wood Raised Garden KitThe Suncast 48 by 48 Cedar Wood Raised Garden Kit is an affordable raised bed kit made out of cedar. It’s unfinished so you can stain it any way you like.
Gronomics Rustic Cedar Raised BedThe Gronomics Rustic Elevated Garden Bed is an attractive, 30″ high raised bed that makes gardening easier on people who have trouble bending down.

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