5 Reasons to Grow Microgreens

Microgreens are the young edible greens of vegetables and herbs that are harvested when they are just an inch or two tall. Any vegetable or herb that you can eat the leaves of can be grown as microgreens. Here are 5 reasons to grow microgreens.

Microgreens are better for you than full sized greens. A recent study found that microgreens have a higher concentration of nutrients than their full-grown counterparts. 25 different types of microgreens were studied and green daikon radish, garnet amaranth, cilantro, and red cabbage came out as the winners as far as levels of nutrients.

Don’t have much space? Didn’t plant your vegetable garden this year but you’re craving homegrown greens? You can plant microgreens today and have tons of greens in one to two weeks, depending on the type of greens you plant. Radish microgreens are one of the fastest growers while onions and garlic take a bit longer. Onions are worth the wait though, because they grow back when you cut them!

Microgreens can be grown indoors on a windowsill and while most other plants you start indoors eventually need to be planted outside, microgreens are ready to eat when they are still young.

Adding microgreens to a dish adds a delicate and elegant touch, which is why they are so popular with chefs around the world. Try adding basil microgreens to Caprese salad instead of full-grown basil or onion microgreens to a sandwich or salad instead of onions.

If you really want to pack a flavor punch in a recipe, use microgreens instead of regular greens. They often have more flavor than their full-sized versions. For example, basil microgreens are more potent than basil and radish microgreens are often spicier than radishes.

Ready to grow microgreens? Check out 6 Essential Microgreen Growing Supplies to get started.

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